I woke up completely disoriented after a lovely afternoon nap as I don’t do clinic on Friday. I thought it might be 8 pm but when I looked at the clock, it was only 5 pm! It was dark and started raining! Thank God that I was able to stroll under my umbrella and enjoyed a hot cup of tea! It rained at night last time so I could not enjoy it but thank God that I can witness this blessing after a long time in my city. But I pray that it remains safe for people as our city condition is so bad. I limited my walk inside outer boundary of my house as streets become dangerous after a shower in my city. I love the fragrance of earth after the first shower…..its so exotic! In Karachi, rain showers bring many problems like I am facing right now is, electricity failure, no internet connections, streets are dirty with water as it can not exit due to life long blocked drains as were never tested due to no rains for a long long time and accumulation of water in ditches on roads and side walks! Its so hazardous! The positive side of rain is, it gives a long desired wash to the dusty trees and they become greener, brighter and livelier. The grass and the flowers becomes so lovely as dancing with joy! When it started to rain, I had a sudden urge to eat something tasty…..so I looked in my kitchen but could not find anything prepared so I took onions, green chillies and lattice cut in slices, added some chiken tikka chunks ( K&N) marinated in a sour sauce by mixing 2 TBS oil, 2 TBS soya sauce, 1 TBS white vaniger, 1 TBS chilli sauce with a dash of salt and a bit of ginger garlic paste and grilled it in oven for 15 minutes! It was amazingly delicious! So a happy rainy day on a weekend! Dr.Zeba Hisam, 5th August, 2016