Joy of Music!

I do not remember when the music started influencing my mind. My father used to have a collection of records LPs and he used to listen to music and songs while his friends coming over to see him. I was a tot during those days but I vividly recall that time. I didn’t understand what were the lyrics about but they actually were engrained on my mind subconsciously until one day that I was lying despondent on a couch and radio was playing some old Indian songs and suddenly a song started and I just got up from the bed with the perking up lyrics of song by K. L Saigol. I could recall the tune from my childhood memories, same song used to be played by my father over and over again, but first time in my life I understood the lyrics. I just fell in the magical aura of music and songs by K. L Saigol. Before that I was listening to the pop songs by Madonna, Michael Jackson, latest Indian movies songs and what’s not. But I was introduced to K. L Saigol and Punkhaj Malik quiet later in my life after I had completed my house job.

It’s also interesting to get introduced to western classical music. My eldest brother passed his Engineering from NED University and he went to study MS from New York in 1969 when I was just a tot, He came back in 1971 and brought many LPs of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Vivaldi etc. and we all used to listen to those symphonies. These piano sonatas were engrained on my mind subconsciously and I knew the tunes from my memory lane but I could not identify the musicians who composed it.

I also love eastern classical music as well, like sitar by Ravi Shankar, Ustad Allah Datta, and Zakir Hussain. Beautiful Ghazals of Ghalib and Iqbal sung by Malika Pukhraj, Tahira Syed, Begum Akhter, Jagjeet Singh etc. and Qawalies by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Farid Uddin and Abu Ahmed, they all had won my heart already. New singers like Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Indila, Adele, Lady Gaga are all my favorites.

It depends on my mood to what to listen specially when I go to my work place by driving my car. In the morning I am fresh to listen fast music and songs but when I am returning home tired, I want soothing piano sonatas!

I tried to learn to play guitar and electronic key board and took up lessons from “ Sagar School of performing Arts” (it was situated near Kashmir road but now it is non existent) after my house job and during my first Job as RMO at OMI hospital. I used to go to music school after hospital and then used to return back to home. I have done everything that I wanted and I count it as a blessing. I never continued playing those instruments and they are just memories now!

S. No Western Classical Music
1 Wolgang Amadeus Mozart, great piano concerts
2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Disc 2
3 Mozart, Sinfonia concertante in E flat
4 Ludwig Van Beethovan, piano sonatas, pianist Alfred Brendal
5 Beethoven piano sonatas disc 2
6 Johann Fischer, pieces for Harpis chord,1-18
7 Wagner, Spectacular classic
8 Carl Orff Carmina Burana
9 40 beautiful Arias, Disc 1
10 40 beautiful Arias, Disc 2
11 World of Dance
12 Absolute Classic, Volume 1
13 Absolute classic Volume 2
14 Absolute classic,volume 3
15 Absolute classic, volume 4
16 Absolute classic, volume 5
17 Absolute classic, volume 6
18 Absolute classi, volume 7
19 Absolute classic, Volume 8
20 Absolute classic, volume 9
21 Absolute classic, volume 10
22 Beethoven overtures
23 Solo piano compositions selected
24 Great composers, Verdi
25 Great composers, Rossini & Donizetti
26 Great composers, Johann Strauss
27 Great composers, Liszt
28 Great composers, Berlioz
29 Great composers, Mendelssohn
30 Great composers, Mendelssohn overtures
31 Great composers, Handel
32 Great composers, Rachmaninov
33 Great composers, Puccini
34 Faure, French Innovations
35 Mozart, musical masterpiece
36 Garden of Birr Castle Demesne, Flute & Harp
37 Mozart, Serenata Notturna KV 239 & 364
38 Beethovan, The late piano sonats, 101, 106, 109, 110 & 111
39 Classical masterpiece, BBC orchestra plays Strauss Blue Danube
40 Vivaldi, Le Quattro Stagioni, Four Seasons
41 Andre Rieu & Johann Strauss Waltz goes on
42 The world of dance, Nutcracker, Viennese & Russian dances
43 Mendelssohn Octet, Schubert
44 Classical Collection, Debussy, Poetic impressions
45 Pachelbel, Bach, Vivaldi
46 Musical offering, Strauss & many more
47 Forever Vienna, Andre Rieu
48 Forever Vienna, Andre Rieu 2
49 Franz Schubert, symphonies 5 & 8
50 Going to Opera with Kenwood
51 Bernstein, Judaica
52 A world of favorite classics, Reader's digest collection 3
53 Roger Kamien, music an appreciation, disc 1, 2, 3
54 Roger Kamien, music, an appreciation disc 4, 5, 6
55 Roger Kamien, music an appreciation disc 7 & 8
56 Classical passion, Hungarian dance in g minor
57 Classical romance, violin concerto
58 Romantic classics, Felix, Mendelssohn & Bartholdy
59 Four seasons collection, Autumn, Vivaldi & more
60 The best of love, Daily mirror
61 The classical Love, disc 3
62 The classical Love, disc 2
63 Rodrigo concerto de Aranjuez, 1,2 ,3
64 BBC Music, Mieczyslaw Horszowski piano
65 BBC Music, Last night of the proms, symphony orchestra
66 Your 100 best tunes, Decca
67 Classical history
68 Strauss, favorite waltzes
69 Goin to the opera with Kenwood
70 Solitude, In classical mood
71 Tranquillity, In classical mood
72 Serenity, In classical mood
73 Reflections, In classical mood
74 Air of spring, In classical mood
75 Music for a summer's evening, In classical mood
76 A world of dance, In classical mood
77 Passion, In classical mood
78 Young romance, In classical mood
79 Spanish Rhpsody, In classical mood
80 Twilight, In classical mood
81 Sounds of the sea, In classical mood
82 Mysteries of the east, In classical mood
83 The magic of Italy, In classical mood
84 Echoes of the past, In classical mood
85 Deutsche Grammophone's 100th year
86 Solitude disc 2
87 Le quattro Stagioni, Vivaldi, The four seasons
Other Instrumental Musics
88 Vagalis Oceanic
89 Vagalis Oceanic 2
90 Kitaro, Ancient
91 Greates hits Vangalis
92 Peter Gabriel, Passion
93 Very best of Richard Clayderman
94 Chinese music
95 Narada Collection
96 Enigma, East to west
97 Enigma 2, Cross of changes
98 Tales of Hoffman, Track 7
Case 2
99 Green Music from Thailand, Relaxation
100 Green Music from Thailand, Chaophraya River
101 Green Music from Thailand, Piano in the garden
102 Woodland Harp, Exploring nature with music
103 Echoes of nature, Rainforest
104 Turkish Music, Can Atilla
105 Istambul Sanfoni, Bogazici
106 Mercan Dede, Breath
107 Mercan Dede, Breath 2
108 Morning has broken, Solitude
109 Desert island, Classics in Paradise
110 Gladiator, sound track
111 Braveheart, sound track
112 English patient, sound track
113 Bourne identidity & Black hawk down, sound track
114 Mercan Dede, Nefes, Turkish songs
115 Enrique iglesias, Escape
116 Indila, French songs
117 Zas, French songs
Eastern Qawwalis
118 Qawwali Pasandeeda I, Fareeduddin & Abu Ahmed
119 Qawwali Pasandeeda II, Fareeduddin & Abu Ahmed
120 Qawwali
121 Qawwali from Junoon, Garam Hawa, Ghalib Ghazals
122 Ghalib ki Kahani
123 Gulzar Ki Ghalib, Tajdeed shuda Sauti Naqoosh
124 Ghalib sung by Saigol & Rafi
125 Begum Akhter, Mazeed Ghazlein
126 Begum Akhter, Aur Ghazlein
127 Ghazlein, Begum Akhter
128 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook, Night songs
129 Saigol, selected songs
130 Panjaj Malik
131 Zakir Hussain with Adnan Sami Khan
132 Arvo Part, Fur Elina
133 Legends, K.L Saigol, volume 1
134 Legens, K.L Saigol, volume 2
135 Legends, K.L Saigol, volume 3
136 Legends, K.L Saigol, volume 4
137 Legends, K.L Saigol, volume 5
138 Kishore Kumar, legends
139 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Janey kab honge kum
140 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, volume 2
141 Apna maqam paida kar, Iqbal sung by many
142 Abida Parveen
143 Sohail Rana, Khyber Mail
144 Islamic songs
Case 3
Pop Music and song
147 Madonna, Like a virgin
148 Madonna
149 Michael Jackson, Thriller & Bad
150 Niel Diamond
151 Carole King 1
152 Carole King 2
153 Cher, Believe
154 Cher
156 Cher, Strong enough
157 Lionel Richie
158 Celine Diaone, My heart will go on
159 Hugh Lorie, Didn't it rain
159 Sonny Rolling, Way out West, Jazz
160 Daft Punk, Torn Legacy sound track
161 Shakira
162 ABBA
163 The most requested love songs
167 James Blunt
168 Best of Rickey Martin 1
169 Best of Ricky Martin 2
170 Gangnam Style, Top charts
171 Brand new charts, Livin' La Vida Loca
172 Luciano Pavarotti, Amore
173 MTV best of best 2001
174 Jukebox, 80's classics
175 Selected songs, Girls justwant to have fun
176 Selected Indian & English songs mix
177 Selected Indian songs, White white face dekhey
178 A.R Rehman
179 Indian Ganay, selected
180 Selected Indian songs, Khai kay paan Banaras wala
181 Selected Indian songs, Gori Naal
182 Selected Indian songs, Tum say mil kar dil ka hai jo haal
183 Selected Indian songs, Chhammak Chhallo
184 Selected Indian songs, Aiwaiyen Aiwaiyen
185 Himesh Reshammya
186 Kailash Kher
187 Kailash Kher, Toba
188 Himesh Reshammya, Aap ka suroor
189 Himesh Reshammya, Remix songs
190 Himesh Reshammya, Tera Saroor
191 Himesh Reshammya
192 Himesh Reshammya
193 New Indian Songs from Babaji
194 Indian songs, Jummay ki Raat
195 Indian songs, Baby doll
196 Pakistani songs, Shakkarwanda, Ho mun jehan
197 Gangs ofWassaypur, sound track
Case 4
198 Sound track, Rang de Basanti
199 Sound track Maqbool
200 Sound track, Veer Zara
201 Sound track, Guru
202 Sound track, Dostana
203 Sound track, Taal
204 Sound track, Zubaida
205 Sound track, Dil se
206 Sound track, Lagaan
207 Sound track, Omkara
208 Falguni Pathak
209 Pakistani Pop, Teri Yaad
210 Pakistani Pop, Chhar Balish, Sajjad
211 Pakistani Pop, Sargam
212 Pakistani Pop, Dhola
213 Pakistani Pop, Jhoom, Ali Zafar
214 Pakistani Pop, Huqqa Pani, Ali Zafar
215 Pakistani Pop, Rung, Hadiqa Kiyani
216 Pakistani Pop, Ucchiya Mujajan wali, Jawad Ahmad
217 Pakistani Pop, Atish, Fakhir
218 Pakistani Pop, Sureme Ishq
219 Pakistani Pop, Parastish, Jahanzaib Ahmed
220 Pakistani Pop, Aik bar kaho, Jahanzaib Ahmed
221 Pakistani Pop, Wajj, Arieb Azhar
222 Dance on the floor
223 Girls just want to have fun
224 Selected Indian songs, Dil mein baji ghantiyan
225 Honey Singh, Char bottle vodka
226 Sound track, Dil wale, Baji Rao Mastani
227 Sound track, Namaloom Afrad, Billi
228 Pradeep
229 Dil Aram, Parwaz-e-Aqab, Iranian music