Dr. Zeba Hisam I love gardening. As a child, in my parents house there was a small lawn and a courtyard. I had seen this lawn changing from barren to blooming and vice versa many times. My parents liked greenery. Me, my elder sister and one of my elder brother used to do gardening though we all had a green thumb! When I grew up I started taking interest in gardening but I found that our lawn had no growth of grass no matter what I did. My father told me that it was due to no proper exposure of sunlight due to multiple stories built in our neighbor’s house. So after many-failed attempt to grow grass, My brother and I made a rockery at one corner and put bamboo sticks on the walls and let the creepers climb. It looked really beautiful but rockery needed a lot of cleaning so after some time we all decided to convert the lawn into bricked floor adjacent to our backyard. We filled the space with plants on pots, a birdbath and a birdhouse. My father and all of us liked to sit and see the birds eating and drinking there. Later, time changed and we got on to live on separately. I have a house of my own but a smaller one and it has no space for garden. But it’s not a hindrance to do gardening! I keep pots of plants near the boundary wall of my apartment on all sides. I have a hanging garden on my grill door decorated with small plants and flowers and even a miniature doll garden. I have also made a kitchen garden and it consists of only a few pots of lemon, mint, tomatoes, eggplant, green chilies and green tea plants! You can make a garden when there is no garden or space for it and enjoy the serenity it gives you! Once I bought a plant to be kept in water and the seller told me that it gives a flower but I did not believe. I placed it in a large cemented white bowl and kept it in the corner of my courtyard and one day when I woke up and went to my garden I saw a beautiful violet flower bloomed in it! What a joy I had to see it! You can convert your patio into a garden by keeping plants in pots and to give you happiness; you need a few, not many! You can perk joy by putting indoor plants inside your rooms. Once you start doing it, you can have many ideas to decorate your house.