Art and Craft

Since my childhood, I loved drawing, painting and coloring the pictures. I liked to play with dolls, paper dolls, making their dresses and coloring them with my elder sister. I used to enjoy making cards, paper flowers, stuff toys, doing embroidery and what’s not. I still remember a wooden shelf that was kept in ‘Machaan” and my sister and me used to climb there to play with our dolls. My father converted that shelf into a dollhouse and connected small colorful lights to light it. I had all the accessories for my dolls. Still I love dolls and miniature things to decorate dollhouse and I made it myself out of cardboard and later asked a carpenter to make it by wood. I keep it in my room and my nieces and nephews come and play with it now. Recently I came to know that has introduced coloring books for adults and they came as a big hit because it gave them sense of relaxation after coloring them. I also ordered some and my niece brought them from USA for me. Now I feel that childhood hobbies are so important and they should be pursued in later life to keep one happy and relaxed. It keeps the individuality of that person intact and make that person to enjoy solitude!