I never knew cooking till I became a doctor. When I was in Medical college I used to make tea only and used to do household chores like cleaning, dusting, watering the plants but never used to cook. I knew nothing about it. But I always enjoyed good food cooked by my mother and my grand mother and specially seeing my father enjoying all types of cuisines although old people mostly prefer Pakistani food. Unlike the norm he always liked pasta, pizza, lasagna and Chinese food equally. I grew up seeing my mother cooking excellent food and my grand mother cooking exotic food and all the hospitality she had for the guests was remarkable! I developed the love of cooking quiet later in life. Time has taught me a lot and cooking and household work is not a problem for me. Rather I have discovered that it is the most fulfilling and gratifying work. Sometimes I can not imagine the extent of joy experienced by a housewife who doesn’t have to earn money for survival! I tried to collect recipes from my mother, grand mother, TV cooking shows, different recipe books and Internet and used to try them. I have collected many recipes over a long period of time and to copy them in nice stationary books became my hobby. I specially like the recipes of Pakistani chefs like Zubaida Tariq, Husain Tariq, Kokab Khawja, winner of first Master chef Pakistan, Ammara and many American and Australian chefs. So these recipes that I am sharing with my friends are good and I cook out of these regularly. None of the recipe is untried! So I can say now that it is better late than never and any body can cook good food if heart is put on it! I enjoy inviting my family, friends and feel a great pride in serving them food cooked by me and if somebody appreciates my cooking, it’s more than enough! So it is well said that you can win anybody’s heart by wonderful cooking!