Embroidery…Bliss of solitude!

As a little girl, I saw my mother doing embroidery on shirts, scarves, mats and table covers. She knew many stitches and I took lessons from her. Me and my other three elder sisters used to do embroidery and we used to collect embroidery books by Ondori. I used to get thrilled to find new Ondori book with new beautiful designs. I used to copy those designs and stitches taught in it.

I grew up and while in Dow Medical College, there was a long gap that I did never embroidered but I never forgot it and now when I am well settled in life, I pursue this hobby again whenever I feel like. Now I make my own patterns instead of copying from somewhere. These designs come straight from my heart as my heart and mind is full of flowers, butterflies and birds!

I relax my mind while doing embroidery. Now I mostly do it in the month of Ramzan while fasting when my clinic timing change and also the college time so I return home earlier. I pray, read Quran and do embroidery. Mostly I embroider my shirt to wear on Eid day!

Maybe people think who does embroidery in this era? It might seems an old fashioned idea but I love it and I don’t mind to be called old fashioned or traditional!