A woman’s notebook: “Jason Bourne”: is an American thriller movie directed by Paul Greenhouse. The film is based on characters by Robert Ludlum. It is fifth film in the series of an amnesic ex CIA assassin running for knowing his past. All the other four previous movies, Bourne identity, Bourne supermacy, Bourne ultimatum, Bourne legacy and finally in 2016, Jason Bourne! I am a great fan of all these movies and I was anxiously waiting for its release on 29th July, in Karachi and New York together. As my sister is having vacations in USA so she watched it in New York and I went to Atrium cinema Saddar! Although the story line is good but due to latest technology of film making, with constant jittery camera, sometimes zooming and other times covering a lot of shake a shake images, killed the thrill in my heart! The best thing that I used to enjoy in this series of movies was hopping in diffetent countries rapidly but this time I didnt enjoy this also although film hopped around Iceland, Greece, Londen, Berlin and Las Vegas. No fight scene or car chase could satisfy me. Although car chases resulted in enormous number of vehicles upside down but with same jittery camera didnt quench the thirst of thrill in my heart! Too much of everything ruins the vaule of solo fight scenes. Jason Bourne didnt impress me this time. I think it should make a full stop in this spy film series! The film began with Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) who gets internet access to files of CIA targetted assassinations programs (Treadstone, Blackbriar and now Iron hand) and finds how Jason Bourne’s father CIA analyst, Richard Webb (Gregg Henry) was killed by assassin Asset (Vincent Cassel) and covered it up as terrorist attack to keep secret from his son Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon) and make him start working for CIA. Nicky contacts Jason Bourne in Greece and somehow hands over the USB to him to reveal the secret about his father whom Jason has disturbing flashbacks of memories of his killing scene. This internet leak is caught up in CIA and the head of cyber ops division, Robert Dewy (Tomy Lee Jones) instructs CIA officer Heather Lee ( Alicia Vikander)to save the information leak to reach to Jason Bourne. Nicky parsons dies but hands over the USB to Jason and he later found the truth about his father’s murder by the same assassin who is assigned again to kill Jason Bourne by CIA head Tommy Lee Jones. CIA also involves Aron Killoor (Riz Khan) CEO of social media enterprise, Deep Dream for real time mass survillance along the targeted assassination program, know as Iron hand this time! Tommy Lee Jones is killed by heather Lee who tries to persuade Jason Bourn to work again for CIA with her but he put a recorder in her car that later tells her how she was decieving Jason so Jason Bourne disappers again in the end as in all his previous movies! So my advice is, do watch the movie as it can not be avoided as all must be fans of Jason Bourne so bear him one more time and hopefully it comes out to be the last time! Dr. Zeba Hisam, 1st August 2013