I had a wonderful weekend. I invited my demonstrators for lunch at my house yesterday and had a great time. Then my nephew came to stay over at my house. Today we made a plan for the morning show of the movie “Sultan” while having breakfast at the table. So I completed all my morning chores quickly and left for Atrium cinema and luckily found tickets! I got a hot cup of tea with salted & caramel popcorns and we were seated! The movie was par excellence! Its a movie under Yash Raj banner, produced by Ali Abbas Zafar. Salman Khan as a wrestler Sultan, won my heart! Belonging to state of Haryana, that makes the northern boundary of Delhi, for which I am head over heels for this beautiful city as it is full of mughal architectures, as captured in many scenes specially Jama Masjid of old Delhi! And impressive old havelis, pebbled streets and brick red buildings, plus the adorable Haryanvi, Indo_Aryan language that is native to the regions of Haryana and Delhi (politeness Harjawiyana)! I just loved it! Salman as a simple adorable man turning out to be a wrestler to win the heart of Arifa, a Haryanvi women, played by Anushka Sharma, brought up by father like a son, unlike the stereotyped girls, wrestling under father’s supervision and looking after institute of wrestling and dreaming for winnig gold medal at Olympics. What a cute love story! But later culminating in a tragic note where Sultan was heart broken and separated from wife but never stopped loving her, quit wrestling but again is convinced by Aakash Oberoi, a very smart and young entrepreneur, played by Amit Sadh, who was failing in his idea to introduce modern marshal arts in India, and is convinced by his father to take a local wrestler Sultan in the ring to restore the name. Then the couch Randeep hooda trained him as as a modern wrestler but his “Dhobi tackle” made him win continuously over wrestlers world over! Any film that impacts upon audiences’ hearts
always has a very strong script and and an amazing story so does “Sultan”! The finding of sponsor to put Sultan back in the wrestlers’ ring is also very intersting as no one was willing to sponsor so a pressure cooker supplier with a brand takes this risk and later succeed when every woman is coming to buy Sultan wala pressure cooker! Arifa as Haryana’s “Sherni” is played by Anushka Sharma so well, Sultan’s best friend Govind(I dont know his real name) was equally amazing nice guy! The songs and Salman’s dance steps specially where he whirls while lying down is so amusing while the lyrics sung by our Rahet Fateh Ali Khan “Jug ghumiya” is a treat to hear! Anushka’s dance and beautiful blue and green dress is lovely as “Baby ko bass pasand hai!” And the lyrics ” khoon mein tairey mitti, mitti mein tera khoon, opper tery Allah, neechay tera junoon” can give inspiration to any one in any feild of life in failure to lift up hope! Bravo Sultan!! Dr. Zeba Hisam 16th July 2016