I am so impressed with some people that I am in contact with. First of all I would like to mention about my “masi”Hameeda. When I was shifted to my new house alone, I needed a part time maid that could come at 7 in the morning as I have to leave for my college at 9 am or sometimes earlier. I found Hameeda, a Sindhi middle aged, slender woman living in Mawach Goth but belongs to Bela Uthal, Balochistan. She has so many qualities that I become short of numbers! The most wonderful thing about her is that she is so punctual and regular. On dot, at seven in the morning, she rings my door bell. She is so neat and clean, offers her prayers five times, fasts whole Ramzan and best thing about her that she does all work quietly. She enjoys doing her work like I do mine! I prepare her breakfast daily, toast her bread and giver her a hot cup of tea when she arrives. She keeps my house spick and span. When she leaves, I lock my house and then go to college. I adore her habits and thank God that she works at my house!
The other person that I am impressed with is my brother’s driver. He is a stout old man from Bajore. He is a lively 60 year old Pathan with sparkling eyes and glowing cheeks, the reason being that is his endogenous perpetual happiness that he is blessed from God! He keeps my brother’s car sparkling and says This is my “rozi and roti” so I love it! He has a very dominating personality. He scolds my brother’s four kids to not litter in the car and does not allow them to eat any thing while in car. We all laugh on this. He is happy and contended always. When bhabi asked him to cook for himself, he agreed and kept a stove outside his room and started growing vegetables in the courtyard. He cooks every thing from there that he grows, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, green chillies, bottle gourd, mint, lime and whats not! He is so neat and keeps his room tidy, prays five times, fast whole Ramzan. He loves his family that lives in Bajore and showed me his two year old grandson’s photo. He loves him much! Because of his gardening skills, I call him at my house once a week to look after my plants. He is a real chatterbox. He keeps on talking which at times annoys my bhai and bhabi but I always like him! Whenever he finds my car outside my brother’s house, he confirms that it is not a doctor’s visit and no one is sick in the house. Then he announces cheerfully ” Zeba baji aa gaya!”
Third one is my sister’s driver. A very gentle and shy Pathan from Shangla, Swat. He is a gem indeed. He is so honest and hard working. He never says “no” to anything. He is always willing to do any work besides driving. He lives in the servant room, on the roof of our house. His son is with him and goes to school and rest of his family lives in Shangla.
The fourth one is Nazeeran, our old sweepress, a christian from Ayub Goth, Karachi. She is working no more in my house but she used to work at my parents old house since decades. I grew up while seeing her doing all the cleaning work. She became old when I became a doctor. She used to love her work but due to some unavoidable reason, she had to quit working to raise her son’s four children when his son divorced his wife and the wife left her kids to him. She comes to visit me in a month or two as she likes me so much! She loves floral printed shirts to wear and likes my choice for that! She often asks ” Meray liye phoolan wali qameez lana Zeba”! I have a great a respect for her. So these are the honest and hard working people of my country and because of their honesty, my country is surviving as God is blessing us through them. Happy Independence day! Dr. Zeba Hisam, 14th August, 2016