Since a long time I have been observing people’s response on some entertaining event. I find most of the people around me quite boring! Maybe our whole nation is devoid of deriving pleasure out of simple things. I think most of the people want to enjoy after achieving some goal in life so they ignore the little joys scattered abundantly on the way. Sometimes on reaching the goal, expected results are not obtained so it becomes a double dose of unhappiness!
I give you a recent example of a picnic that was arranged by our college yesterday. In last five years, it was the first picnic for me here so I was so eager to go but all the faculty members were disinterested as always. No head of the department nor any demonstrator from pre clinical campus was interested except one from my department and the other from oral biology department. He actually organized this picnic and took all the pain to make others happy but what? Such pathetic response was given. Even the students of 2nd year were scarcely interested. I was the only one among the senior faculty. I was afraid that picnic will be cancelled like last year if expected number of people is not obtained but thank God we made to the minimum number required that made us to the Hawks Bay at coast guard hut!
It was a special ocassion for me as it coincided with my birthday. I always think of celebrating my birthday but most of the time I don’t actually do it due to a lot of reasons. So it was a grand chance to spend my birthday in a special way on the beach this year.
I tried to figure out why people were not interested to go to a picnic and asked a few demonstrators of pathology department. One of them told me she doesn’t want the same place and the same faces again! What she meant…I became perplexed! Beach will be the beach, no matter what! Other one gave some family excuse, one was afraid that probably it will turn out to be a boring event. One student told me that her friends are not going so what she will do alone? So all the strange excuses were given. Now after the picnic is over, I don’t think that people who didnt go, might have derived any more pleasure by staying at home so out of all these excuses I came to a conclusion that people have doubts to explore any fun filled ideas so they are hesitant or shy. Female students are dependent on their friends for being happy. They have hardly any guts to convince their friends to accompany them. And one more thing that intellectuals think that it does not fit with their high level maybe! Or the people (like me!) Who are interested for such event are taken by others as over enthusiastic!
Happiness is a state of mind and if somebody thinks that he or she is going to enjoy, that person will enjoy and conversely if one thinks that it will be a boring event, that person will be bored. We should make ourselves ready to enjoy little things of life.Time passes very quickly and as one reaches an old age, one should be capable to enjoy life even if there is no one to accompany. As friends go apart and even if they live in the same city, the hectic life schdule does not allow to meet or make plans that younger people can do. I feel that some hobbies should be undertaken since younger age as hobbies help to generate joy being alone when no one is there to share, specially at old age. We can make worthy memories to treasure in the heart and they will always give us joy whenever we recall! Happiness is inside our hearts and we need to dig it out and it can become a continuous sprinkle of joy!
Dr. Zeba Hisam, 10th September, 2016