A woman’s notebook……Happy women’s day! It is a right time to give tribute to some amazing women who really inspire me for one way or another. First of all I would like to mention about Malala Yousufzai whose struggle for girls’ education is so remarkable. I wonder that Taliban wanted to make her silent by killing her but see what God has done to protect her and made her voice echo in the whole world in such a way that it is incredible. She is famous worldwide to anĀ extent that she has won the Nobel prize!
Another women is Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who has done an amazing job by making excellent documentaries like ” Saving face” and ” A girl in the river” and enable Pakistan to win two Oscar awards one after the other! When I watched “Saving face” four years ago, I could not stop tears in my eyes. What a magical way to inspire people to know about the prevailing problems in our nation and seek solutions! Her speech was remarkable in Oscar ceremony and her attire was elegant!
Another women whom I like is late Lady Diana. She was indeed a princess of the hearts. She did a lot of humanitarian work despite going through devastating turmoil in her life. Her life portrays that happiness can not be found in wealth and palaces! It is the heart from where the happiness springs!
Another beautiful woman is Kareena Kapoor, she is the most gorgeous women in the Bollywood in my opinion. Any of her picture or when she is shown in any program or a movie, I can not get my eyes off her beautiful face!
Same is true for the Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie! Her acting and now becoming a producer, does a remarkable job! She looked stunning in the movie “Tourist”.
When I see these remarkable women, I always find a supporting man behind them! Malala’s father, Sharmeen’s husband, Diana’s father, Saif Ali Khan for Kareena and Brad Pitt for Jolie……I believe that behind all successfull women, a man is there to support them and make then confident!
I was a helpless girl but my father made me to survive all odds in life. Whatever I am today is just because of my parents and brothers. Now as I live alone and enjoy a man less life, at times only, II miss a man and that is when any “Chup kali” enters in my house and for that I need some man to help me get rid of it! Other wise I am happy being alone!
Dr. Zeba Hisam