A woman’s notebook…It was a long awaited flower show that I came to know about right during my breakfast this morning while reading the newspaper. What a joy I felt because our college was also closed today due to a happy convocation last night! Luckily my sister was also off due to some official meeting in the afternoon. So we both planned to see the flower show at 10:30 am. I completed my all home tasks and got ready to the hospital first to see my admitted patients. I came back after half an hour and went to see the flower show. In the morning it was not at all crowded and I had a peaceful time there to do photography of flowers. It was a very right time to get beautiful hanging plants for my hanging garden ( at my grill door) as I also wanted some change of my library area to convert it into an indoor garden patch at my corridor. I already bought some mud bowls to fill with small smooth pebbles and filled with water in hope to comfort my feet on my holiday! This idea I got from roadside cafe “Chai Wala” where the tables and chairs are kept over pebbles and I experienced comfort by pressing my feet on the cool pebbles! So I have prepared it today to comfort my feet tomorrow! I also found a beautiful cushion with amazing cover exactly perfect for my indoor garden from the flower show. There were beautiful garden furniture and accessories also and I enjoyed in each and every stall. It gave me freshness of mind and many creative ideas! Last year I had missed going there so I was waiting anxiously for this year show! I bought some indoor plants of flowers, Chinese oranges and green tea plant. I plucked some leaves and made green tea after dinner and it was amazing having the aroma I never smelled in bought tea bags of Jasmine tea! I am so glad today….Happy weekend! Zeba Hisam