A woman’s notebook: Enjoy summer mornings on weekend!The best time when I am off is the morning time after I have completed all my house hold chores, watered my plants and cleaned my house. Then I relax in a corner of my lounge by just sipping crystal clear cold water in a glass that I garnish with freshly plucked mint leaves from my kitchen garden. I keep mint leaves in a small mud bowl filled with water and they remain fresh for a day or two. I keep this bowl on my kitchen counter and whenever I need mint to garnish any dish, I just take it from there. I realise that so many times we just forget or skip drinking water or drink it in a hurry but with this special activity I enjoy drinking every sip. The other thing that I do is to apply olive oil on my face, hands and feet then rub with lemon peel (saved from my breakfast honey and half lemon drink in water). There is an excellent face mask that I make by mixing one egg white and one tea spoon powder milk and apply on my face. Relax for 20 minutes and then wash with water and feel how fresh my face has become! This mask is tightening, nourishing and softening. It is an excellent sunblock also. If I go out I sprinkle rose water on my face. This is refreshing toner for the skin and it also acts as anti sunburn. I always keep rose water in my refrigerator so it’s cool to sprinkle it on my face. If you are going out to the beach for picnic, sprinkle rose water on your face, arms and hands. After coming back from there, apply the egg and powder milk mask on face. You will not get the sunburn. Lemon is also anti sunburn and acts as a bleaching agent. I think it is necessary that we spend sometime for ourselves. So in this way I relax while listening to my favourite music and enjoy doing nothing! (Dr. Zeba Hisam), 27th May, 2016