A woman’s notebook: All alone, on my own! Everyone wants company of friends to go to watch a movie. In today’s busy world even friends can not spare time on the day that suits me or vice versa. So it’s a problem to go to a movie. Mostly I go with my elder sister but sometimes if she is available, she has different choice of movies. I like action, thriller and murder mystries and my sister can not tolerate any sort of violence. She prefers social dramas. I tried to hang out with my younger cousins but it equally turned out to be a failure. As we planned for a movie but it was never materialized. I became tired of making phone calls to adjust the dates and time again and again. I do every thing alone, shopping, grocery, bank job, payment of bills, going to mechanic for my car maintenance myself but going out to a movie alone was exceptional and I always hesitated. But one day I decided to go to a movie alone at last! Despite all my hesitation, it came out to be a remarkable experience! I went earlier and gave my car for valet parking at Atrium cinema, Saddar. Then I went out to do some photography that I wanted for so long, of old buildings of Saddar. I found it the best chance to capture the buildings as no one was with me! I captured the shots by walking along the busy roads with honking traffic but it was fun as my state of mind was relaxed and I was doing what I wanted. Then I came back to Atrium cinema and waited for my turn to buy the ticket. The person on the counter was astonished to hear my answer “only one ticket!” Then I got a cup of tea and mixed salted and caramel pop corns that I love. I got a seat near a group of young girls and boys enjoying together. Luckily the movie was excellent and I enjoyed it so much! I was free to clap or laugh wholeheartedly! I think it gives you a space to do anything that you want. I had no pressure on my mind to be with someone, to do this or not to do this, to stop and gaze at the shop windows without anybody telling you to move quickly. So I enjoyed looking around the mall after the movie and then came back home happily. So my advice to all such women who can’t find appropriate company, please try to go to the movie by yourself and you will find it much more enjoyable. Maybe some women have conveyance problem. It’s much more better to go to Atrium cinema by Rikshaw then by car! You will always find parking problem. (So select a cinema from where you can find rikshaw easily)! So if you are alone, take it as a blessing and develop courage to face anything and develop a habit to enjoy everything! Dr. Zeba Hisam, 5th June, 2016