People often ask me how do I keep a balance between my work and so many fun loving activities! It’s the matter of passion that one has for a certain thing. Since my childhood I found myself growing up with multiple hobbies that I continue to have! I am one of those lucky persons who enjoy their job! I love to be a physician and get my reward when my patients get well! It’s an overwhelming joy to make a correct diagnosis and treat appropriately! I used to do my OPD daily but my eldest brother asked me to have 2 evenings off. So I do my clinic from Monday to Thrusday and take off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But if my patients are admitted in wards or ICU, I have to go daily for rounds. I also love teaching so it’s a great joy to be with my students at FJDC! I really get so much tired that on Friday at college, I start looking forward for the lovly weekend. I have multiple hobbies and there is so much to do to enjoy that I wake up early every morning so that my holidays are stretched for far more longer duration. I always go to sleep by 10:30 pm and wake up at 6 am. I pray, read Quran with translation then I go for 30 minutes walk (enjoy singing birds and watching trees and flowers on my way)and come back to do 12 minute yoga at my Room daily. My maid comes at 7 am and then I prepare mine and hers breakfast. I do all dusting of my whole house myself, then I water my small hanging garden at my sliding door grill. Then I enjoy breakfast with newspaper. Then I clean it all, wash all dishes and clean and then i get ready for college. My maid leaves at 9 and after that I lock my house and drive to college. If I have an early lecture, I let my maid to skip some work and leave early and I leave by 8:30 am.
I came back at 2:30 am and after lunch and brief nap, I am up again to leave for Zubaida Medical Center at 4 pm. Then I return around 7 or 7:40 pm. Then I am so tired that hardly I go anywhere. But on weekends, I have enormous energy for many things! The utmost important secret is to get oneself to be organized! I take inspiration from Chacha (my father) who was ultra organised. I try my best to organise each and everything of mine and try to maintain that. When the new year starts, I begin praying to organise myself. I have succeeded gradually to a great extent. I organise my documents, electricity, PTCL and other bills, my books, albums, clothes, My bags and shoes and jewellery so that I easily find them on time. I remember Chacha who taught me this….to always keep your things on their place and never clutter…Keep everything neat and tidy and enjoy the serenity it gives you! It gives me enough time to enjoy everything that I want..I love to stay in my house, listen to the music while cooking or working. I cook every Saturday morning, two or three dishes and keep in small plastic boxes in my freezer. I take one box out to thaw before leaving to college daily. I have enough snacks and food to serve my guests any time if anyone visits. As my family is large by the grace of God ( 7 brothers and 3 sisters, total 11)so I have the ability to cook for 50 to 60 people at a time and love serving them! Kids love me for that and who wants more in life? I live all alone but I take my solitude as a blessing!