When I was a kid, my cousins and me thought about throwing a party every time we get together and named it as a Cousins’ Party! It’s been 40 years that we are celebrating it. For years this party remained dormant but never faded. In fact we started it more vigorously and more frequently like every three months about 15 years ago. More participants were added as our elder sisters and mothers also joined us when we all grew older (we were scolded away by them when we were kids)! Now once we are all getting old, nobody bothers who is more than a decade younger or older! It started at our teens and now many are married, some divorced, most became mothers and now have turned into “Nanis” and “Dadis”! Now their teen daughters can also accompany them in this get together if they want!

In this busy world where everyone is facing a hectic life, this cousins’ party is a blessing. The most encouraging thing is that despite changing a lot among over selves, some becoming very religious, some remaining moderate, some hiding behind “abayas” but nothing deterred our unity.

It gives us a chance to meet, enjoy, and laugh wholeheartedly while breathing with freedom. We make it happen at each of the cousin’s houses one by one and everyone brings one dish every time. Sometimes we arrange lunch and sometimes high tea! All the male members (husbands and sons) from each house are forced to leave the house (like on a gun point…by women power!!) till our party is over! It’s a girl thing you know!!

Sometimes we give a theme to the party or a specific dress code! It all depends upon the host’s spirits! Till now we have enjoyed a “gharara” party, a “sari” party, red dress party and a floral theme party!

Two of our cousins passed away last year. Their daughters are continuing this legacy to follow. We all miss them so much.

I thank God that we have something that is uniting us otherwise weddings or funerals are the only remaining options to meet with the relatives nowadays! Dr. Zeba Hisam. 28th January 2018