When this movie was released this year and became the highest grossing Indian movie, I was not even aware of the first movie “Baahubali , the beginning” (of 2015) although I heard and read a lot about it but I didn’t watch it as I didn’t think it could be a good movie! Then I was reading in the news paper everyday how this movies is making money and people are crazy about it so I thought of watching the first movie in the DVD at home. When I watched it, immediately I was craving to see “Baahubali, the conclusion” in cinema!

I am amazed to see this excellent historical fiction movie directed by S. S Rajmoula and regretted my oblivion! What a grandeur epic it is! It’s a Telugu language film released in Malayalam, Urdu, English, Japanese, French and German languages. Cast includes Telugu actor Prabhas with dual role of Shivudu and Amarendra Baahubali, Anushka Shetty as Maharani Davesena, Rana Daggubati as Bhalla Deva, Ramya Krishna as Sivagami, Queen of Mahishmati, Tamannah Nasser and Sathyaraj as Kattappa!

This part is more of a prequel than a sequel because initially the story traces the origins of Baahubali’s father who was originally meant to be the king of Mahishmati. It also involves the sweet love story between Amarendra Baahubali and Maharani Davesena who later becomes the mother of Mahendra Baahubali! The story involves two cousins (Amrandera Baahubali and Bhalla Deva) raised by same mother, the reigning queen of Mahishmati. Amarendra is orphaned in childhood and despite the fact that Bhalla is her own son, the queen wanted to crown Amarendra Baahubali the king as she feels that he has all the qualities for becoming a ruler. Bhalla takes revenge by making a conspiracy plot with his father and kills Amarendra with the help of once loyal Kattappa! Amarendra’s wife Davesena gives birth to a son Mahendra Baahubali (dual role by Prabhas). After growing up Mahendra Baahubali saves her mother, trapped by Bhalla and kills the enemies!

The locations where the movie is shot, are so beautiful and involve Rajmoula Film city, Hyderabad Deccan Telangana, Chintamani Temple background, Anjandri Hills, Pampa Sarovar, bank of Tungabhudra Karnataka, Sri Kalimantan Durga Parameshawari Temple and Kerala waterfalls. Wow! It is a continuous feast to the eyes to see the exotic places with grandiose elephants, horses, bulls and chariots! The cinematography is par excellence! Computer graphics for the war scenes are fantastic! The love song when Baahubali is taking his love Davesena in the boat is just out of this world! Like a fairytale beauty with clouds as white horses! Beauty and grandeur from the beginning till the end! Very simple and credible storyline!

The hero Prabhas is so handsome and none of the actor in whole Bollywood can match his manliness! Shahrukh Khan seems his “Peroon ki dhool”! I wonder why the films of South India are never included in their award ceremonies!! Whole Bollywood should be ashamed on themselves!


I read in the news paper that the hero Prabhas is proposed by 6000 women after seeing him as Baahubali so please update your count…. it’s six thousand and one now!! Dr. Zeba Hisam 21st May, 2017