I always try to organise myself in the beginning of each new year! I try my best to organise everything in my house but time passes by and the new year starts again with so many unfinished jobs!

This time I thought why not to organise everything by the end of this year and when the new year is beginning tomorrow, I am happy to find my cupboards organised and clean, my documents and bills up to date in respective files, my refrigerator is clean, my book shelves are tidy and labelled, my shoes, purses, cosmetics and Jewellery are well kept in organisers. I disposed all unused items that were cluttering my drawers. It gives serenity to mind and soul. I follow my father’s advice that “keep everything in its specific place and you will easily find it next time!” I remember how ultra organised my father was! He had a small cupboard for all the tools arranged in a proper manner. So I have a tool box in my house now! When my house is clean I feel happy and creative ideas come on my mind to do so many interesting things. So I believe for clarity of mind, we need clarity of our surrounding space that is achieved by cleaning and organising.

I was just wondering what are the reasons that make me happy and I find multiple tiny things that make my heart full of joy! I have made a list of all those things that make me happy:

1- Regular prayers

2- Morning walk

3-Birds singing

4- Flowers blooming

5- A nice book to read

6- Favourite music to hear

7- Making children happy

8- Throwing a party

9- Going out with friends

10- An afternoon nap

11- A good night sleep

12- A hot cup of tea

13- A glass of fresh lime or orange juice

14- Dressing up with matching accessories

15- Going to cinema

16- fresh pink or peach shade of lipstick

17- A slice of pizza

18- Caramel popcorns

19- Doing photography and making albums

20- To be photographed

21- Trying a new recipe

22- When my cooking is appreciated

23- To give nicely packed gift

24- A lit candle

25- Potpourri

26- Floral fragrance

27- making other people happy

28- Changing the setting of my rooms

29- Clean bed sheets

30- Butterflies and flowers

31- A fresh twig in a vase filled with water

32- When I let somebody cross the road by slowing down my car speed and seeing grateful eyes and smiling face

33- Watching a movie

34- Nice lamps with dim lights

35- When my patients recover

36- Solitude

37- A guest coming at my home

38- Stout trees


So these are the simple pleasures that are abundant in my life by the grace of God. So make your own list and discover how easy it is to be happy! So I greet the new year by thanking God for all these simple pleasures! Happy New Year! Dr. Zeba Hisam, 1st January, 2017